Train or unarm the lethal Nigerian Police

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Nigerian police officers are the most lethal elements walking the streets of Nigeria, the infamous armed robbery gangs come in a close second. They kill scores every year, without being persecuted and opening fire at will, mostly without provocation (here is a mild example). Most areas in Nigeria are dangerous but an armed police officer on the streets of Nigeria does little to nothing to make citizens feel safe.

The Nigerian police force has proved over the years that they are grossly incompetent of handling most situations, so taking away their guns will be of great public service. They carry on like a mini terrorist group (illustrated). The government needs to rigorously train these officers and enlighten them on what exactly they have been employed to do, or take away their guns replacing it with a small flashlight and whistle. Police.jpg

Recently, social media has been instrumental in exposing the shenanigans of the police offices so the leadership is trying to take some actions. The Inspector General of Police Solomon Arase is making strides to curb the rascal ways of the Nigerian police men. Back in November of 2015, he assured the police force that they will go to jail within 48 hours if they shoot a civilian (read). But why give them opportunity to kill in the first instance? There is nothing stopping the government from training them or taking away their guns now. America is screaming “Black Lives Matter” maybe someone needs to let the Nigerian police know that human dignity and human lives matter.


Written By Lola Fajemirokun


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