Innoson – making Nigeria great again

Although the thought of a car made in Nigeria scares me, I think Mr. Chukwuma the founder of Innoson group of companies is on to something great with Innoson automobiles. Nigerians need to recognize that the Innoson automotive brand is a renowned accomplishment that should not be shoved aside. There are some high points about the Innoson automobile brand and areas where they need to … Continue reading Innoson – making Nigeria great again

We need a break from “Churching”

Most Christians have abandoned the fact that God has a purpose for their lives and have joined the church wagon, spending a good portion of their time volunteering in church. I define “churching” as when an individual spends more than 50% of their time in church or doing church related work. God created everybody for a specific purpose. He called certain pastors to start a … Continue reading We need a break from “Churching”

President Trump the only hope for Nigeria

Delta, ARIK and Continental will make money hand over feast trying to get Nigerians home after Donald Trump wins the presidential election. As we stay glued to media outlets waiting patiently to see who the potential presidential nominees from the republican and democratic parties will be all I can think of is the deplorable state of things in Nigeria. As Americans enjoy the leisure of … Continue reading President Trump the only hope for Nigeria