President Trump the only hope for Nigeria

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Delta, ARIK and Continental will make money hand over feast trying to get Nigerians home after Donald Trump wins the presidential election. As we stay glued to media outlets waiting patiently to see who the potential presidential nominees from the republican and democratic parties will be all I can think of is the deplorable state of things in Nigeria. As Americans enjoy the leisure of constant electricity, security, and the beautiful sceneries in their various states as they cast votes in the primaries, it is hard not to think about conditions in Nigeria and wonder if things will ever get better. For the economic and social climates in Nigeria to improve certain factors have to fall in place almost simultaneously. A good recipe for this improvement will require Nigerians moving home by the drove to participate in re-building the nation. The only force that can drive Nigerians in America back home by the drove is Donald Trump.

For the past two decades there has been a huge talent drain in Nigeria as Nigerians left the unbearable conditions in Nigeria to build their life in other western countries. The Nigerian government officials have embarked on multiple failed projects in an attempt to attract Nigerians in diaspora back home. They tried re-branding Nigeria, that failed woefully, they sent out multiple pleas on twitter and that seemed to only aggravate Nigerians more. The Nigerian government officials realize that they cannot fix the country’s problems alone, they need Nigerians to come home with their skills or investment to help increase the GDP, hopefully tipping the export/import scale to be heavier on the export side. On first thought one would wonder why the Nigerians in Nigeria cannot get the job done. Simply put, a good percentage of the population lack the exposure and foresight to start value adding businesses or the qualifications needed to impress a potential manufacturer looking to invest in the country. Hiring expatriates to work in Nigeria will be quite expensive so qualified Nigerian citizens will be a cheaper alternative for potential employers. There are a number of smart, forward thinking, innovative Nigerians living in diaspora the problem is that they have all refused to come home. Even through APC, the political party in power in Nigeria, has promised change Nigerians will not move home until they actually see the physical manifestation of the promised change. On the other hand the change will happen at a slower pace if Nigerians in diaspora refuse to move back home. It is a catch 22.

Although has clarified that Donald Trump never threatened to deport all Nigerians once he is elected president (read) most Nigerians still believe that Donald Trump is a loose cannon who is capable of anything. According to Snopes, the rumor about Trump deporting all Nigerians started from a blog called FNN (Fake Nigerian News). Be that as it may, chances are, if or when Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, Nigerians will become so angry that they will move home to weather the storm having no choice but to help improve conditions in Nigeria. Hence the Nigerian government need to take the opportunity and endorse Donald Trump. They need to help Trump win the upcoming presidential election in November. It may sound opportunistic but it may be the only true hope for Nigeria.


Written by Lola Fajemirokun


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