Innoson – making Nigeria great again

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Although the thought of a car made in Nigeria scares me, I think Mr. Chukwuma the founder of Innoson group of companies is on to something great with Innoson automobiles. Nigerians need to recognize that the Innoson automotive brand is a renowned accomplishment that should not be shoved aside. There are some high points about the Innoson automobile brand and areas where they need to improve but overall I give Innoson 3.5 Nigerian flags out of 5.

High Points:

With the current plea to Nigerians to buy products made in Nigeria, Innoson automobile was the first product to catch my attention. When I read the report about Ben Bruce purchasing an Innoson car I was caught aback, being that I was previously unaware of the brand. Innoson is a company that distributes and manufactures products in Nigeria the most prominent of their products being their fleet of vehicles. I am all for buying Nigerian but I was especially curious about the fleet of vehicles manufactured by Innoson. My research was triggered by my curiosity on whether or not the safety ratings of their vehicles are comparable to that of the international competition and I was curious about the history of this company. Car manufacturing is serious business, we need to trust a brand before we get behind the wheels. Upon embarking on my research I realized the gravity of what Innoson represents.

Innoson is the one of the world’s first black owed car manufacturer and not only is the founder from Nigeria, he also chose to establish the manufacturing plant in Nigeria. Nigeria has joined the list of car manufacturing countries! This is huge. Mr. Innocent Chukwuma is the forward thinking founder of Innoson, you can read his full profile here. Mr. Chukwuma was educated in Nigeria and is well vested in his society, I guess we can say he is a true Nigerian brand himself. He has a long list of awards and recognitions as does his company. When most people opt to establish their business in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt, I was highly impressed by Mr. Chukwuma’s choice to locate the Innoson manufacturing plant in Nnewi in Anambra state. This will provide the locals there with jobs and attract development of infrastructure to that region.

Overall, Innoson automotive are on to a good start. Although unsure of the safety ratings, the body style of their cars are comparable to that of cars that can be found overseas. By producing commercial vehicles and vehicles for personal use they have a well balanced portfolio of automobiles.


Aside from the news coverage about Ben Bruce buying an Innoson car, there hasn’t been much publicity about the Innoson brand. It will be a wise investment if the company invested heavily in branding their products and push to build trust especially for their automotive products. Another worthwhile investment will be for the company to pursue international certifications for their vehicles so that consumers can understand the level of quality being presented to them.

Innoson automobiles and other Innoson products are exactly what Nigeria needs right now, they provide a true Nigerian brand and a serve as a healthy alternative. Innoson bravery of manufacturing products in Nigeria will serve as an encouragement to other potential investors letting them know that anything can be manufactured in Nigeria. Innoson group of companies is making Nigeria great again.


Written By Lola Fajemirokun





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