The most logical way to go about understanding the meaning of Christianity is to read the bible. However, since the bible is a huge compilation of books reading the entire bible may not be a feasible option for someone just looking for an overview. There is a lot of information on religion however this article explains Christianity in three simple sections.

Our Belief:

We believe that God created the heaven and the earth. Most importantly we believe that He created man and gave man power to dominate the earth. We believe that the devil deceived man into sinning against God. We believe that a dilemma was established after man sinned against God – the power to dominate the earth was not taken away from man but haven corrupted our Godly nature, man began to yield to either yield to the devil or God in their choices. We believe that man died a spiritual death after sinning against God. We believe that the consequences of sin is death. We believe that God came to earth in human form as Jesus Christ and died to pay for the sin of man. We believe that through the death of Jesus we are reconciled to God. We believe that anyone that accepts the sacrifice of Jesus, by verbally stating that he or she accepts the sacrifice of Jesus, is reconciled to God and will have fullness of life on earth and will go to heaven after death. We believe in life after death. We believe that haven accepted Jesus as your savior you will go to heaven after death and live with God and other Christians (that have accepted Jesus) forever in heaven. We believe that Jesus will physically come back in the rapture to proclaim judgement on earth and bring about eternal damnation to the devil and his agents once and for all.

Our Practice:

We practice fellowship by gathering together with other believers and learning more about who God is, His love for us and the power He has given to us. We believe that we, as individuals, are the church (the same way the people are the government). We practice the power that God has given to us by commanding healing to take place and asking God to intervene in matters. We practice holy communion – we eat bread (without yeast) and drink non-alcoholic wine to symbolize the death of Christ. We practice evangelism – mobilizing other Christians to inform non-Christians of the sacrifice of Christ so that they may accept the Jesus and have fullness of life and eternal salvation.

Our Hope:

Our hope is in Jesus – haven accepted the sacrifice of Christ we are expectant of seeing results when we pray and most importantly we are expectant of fullness of life here on earth; we are hopeful of life after death and an eternal reign with God.

I have never been happier to be a Christian, because now I fully understand the full meaning of Christianity. Haven been a Christian all my life I have lost appreciation for the knowledge of what my belief entail. But today I am reminded that even if nothing ever works out on earth, I will live in heaven forever in perfect peace.

By Lola Fajemirokun



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