It is never any woman’s desire to let herself go after child birth but the demands of being a mom can take a toll on any woman. Upon becoming a mom, it is very easy switch to survival mode and let those dietary and meditation disciplines slip. Trust me having to keep up with toddlers is a full time job. Here are five tips on how to stay healthy as a mom:

Refuse to be a trash can:

You hand your kid a donut, he or she takes a bite and gives it back to you saying “I am full” and you proceed to eat the rest of the donut – same goes for all the plethora of snacks and juice our kiddos refuse to finish. Does this scene sound familiar? Yes, you read it right – refuse to be a trash can. This is a real problem for moms and it is probably a problem only moms can understand. As moms we are efficient and don’t like to be wasteful so when our kiddos don’t finish their snack we tend to eat the left over. It is easy to make this a practice especially when there is no trash can in sight; we moms tend to turn ourselves into a moving trash can. Most of the food our kiddos eat have a lot of sugar and they eat more frequently than we do so constantly eating their leftovers will gradually make you heavier and unhealthier. Please cease and desist from this practice, if your kiddo hands you a left over snack, promptly throw it in the trash.

Snack-Time is not for you:

This goes hand in hand with the first point. Our kiddos have their regular meals and lots of in-between snacks during the day because of their active schedule. I see a lot of moms partaking in snack sessions with the kiddos, this is not a healthy habit. The fact that your kiddo is having a bag of chips does not mean you should also have one. the kid’s snacks are small so it is easy to justify eating the tiny bag of chips (or cookies or gummy bears or whatever else) but these unhealthy snacks add up to calories. And because our lifestyle is not as active as that of our kids, we don’t end up burning the calories off like they do. Please leave snack-time for the kids. Also when your kid tries to force feed you a snack, simply say “No”.  Don’t be that mom that’s always eating Cheetos and drinking tiny juice boxes.

Don’t sacrifice eating habits:

It could be difficult to plan a meal for your family when you are on a strict diet. I’ll use myself as an example. I would rather eat only eat seafood but my kiddos still need meat and other carbs in their diet. My first few years as a mom I ate out a lot because there was no time to cook for the kids and myself. Sometimes I even ate beef when I was in a bind and had nothing to eat at night. As moms we make a lot of sacrifices but we need to keep ourselves in mind as we plan weekly meals. We need to make conscious effort to plan our meals along with the family meal. This is easy for not-so-picky eaters. If you had a dietary practice before you became a mom, try and maintain it after you become a mom.


There is never time to exercise as a mom especially when you don’t have a child care giver that works during your gym hours. Solution is to improvise. Use your kiddo as dumbbells, jog in place while waiting for them to finish their meal, walk up and down the stairs a couple of times when they go to sleep whatever you do, try to get at least 30mins of work-out a day. It may not be 30mins at a stretch but get it in somehow.

Pray, meditate:

Having kids should not be an excuse for sacrificing your spiritual life. If anything you need prayer now more than ever to keep you psychologically sound. Its tiring being a mom but without personal time with your maker daily, you will realize that you are just going through the motions and running on empty. You need the daily connection (alone) with God, so make time – you can choose hours after your kids’ bed time or early hours of the morning before they wake up. You can stream messages in your car as you run errands. Whatever your schedule, always carve out time for this connection it is key to living a fulfilled life especially as a mom.

Being a mom is a privileged that should never be despised. The kiddos will grow-up and move out one day so don’t sacrifice your health and relationship with God to raise them. Good luck.

By Lola Fajemirokun



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