Extreme makeuping is when a woman applies makeup to alter her true appearance beyond recognition. I was looking at before (makeup) and after (makeup) pictures of women on Facebook today and I was deeply worried. In fact the makeups were so dramatic that someone in the comment section accused the publisher of using pictures of two different people. Disclaimer: I am a woman, I love makeup and I appreciate a woman altering her appearance if it makes her happy. However my concern with this extreme makeup application is that women are abandoning proper skin care and opting for a shallow cosmetic fix.

Skincare is vital, if you have blackheads, black spots, acne, or other types of skin issues it is essential to take steps towards permanently fixing the issue, don’t just try to cover it up with makeup. Skin care is crucial because our skin is the first defense against any form of infection (according to sharecare.com) and keeping the skin clean and in good physical shape will ensure that you have a strong barrier against any infections. Hence, simply covering up skin problem will be problematic on the long run. These days women tend to worry more about their brand of makeup than they do about their skincare (skin cleaning and moisturizing) products which means skin problems are left unattended to for months, maybe years. Another issue with extreme makeuping is that women opt for makeups that have the best coverage ignoring the chemical components of such makeups. According to Dr. Mercola  “…almost 13,000 chemicals are used in cosmetics, and only about 10 percent have been evaluated for safety…” 

There is nothing wrong with applying makeup as a woman however our priority should always be healthy skin care.

By Lola Fajemirokun



2 Replies to “Extreme “Makeuping””

  1. Make up sold in the U.S goes through the same kind of safety tests that the medicines you take go through. Makeup is art, if I can transform to look flawless, then albeit. Let’s stop perpetuating this idea that there is something bad about it. We should be encouraging people to find themselves beautiful make up or not.


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