Tired of the Status Quo, throw your name in the hat, become a politician.

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No matter what part of the world you live in, chances are there things you are tired of in your locality. Perhaps the school system, the trash pick-up schedule, policies, etc. You do not have to sit around and let things continue the way they are, throw your name in the hat and run for office. The more contenders you have for a political office, the better the chances of change taking place.

Per wikihow, there are steps to take to become a politician:

Get an undergraduate degree in political science. Though you can get into politics without having even finished high school, you may be more appealing to voters if you have a relevant degree. An undergraduate degree in political science will allow you to have a strong foundation in the basics of government and politics, as well as the history of politics in your country.

Take public speaking classes. If you decide not to pursue a B.A. in political science, you should still consider taking public speaking classes. You can take these classes at your local college or university, or through a public speaking association. Public speaking classes can help prepare you for a key element of a successful politician: the ability to speak persuasively and effectively in front of a crowd.

Participate in speech and debate. If your high school offers speech and debate classes, you should sign up and push yourself to compete against your peers in debates. Strong debate skills will come in handy for when you are having to debate with other candidates on local issues during your campaign.

Stay updated on the latest politics in your community and nationally. A good politician will be well educated on local events, especially if she is running for local office. Stay on top of the latest political events in your community, from the smallest to the largest issues. You should also be aware of what is going on on a national level so you are well informed and get in the habit of remembering the latest news events.


Creating a Strong Public Persona

Get involved in local community initiatives and causes. Before you can run for president of the United States, you will need to start small and work your way up from local politics to national politics. To be effective at a local level, you will need to connect with your community and get involved. You should volunteer for local committees and try to sit on local boards for causes that you are passionate about. Join the local chapter of your preferred political party and get involved in initiatives for the political party in your community.[6]

Connect with community leaders. You should also reach out to the leaders in your community and connect with them. This will help to set the groundwork for your campaign later, as you will have these political relationships to lean on when you need them. Forming strong bonds with these leaders will also allow you to learn and watch how these leaders conduct themselves in the community. You should take mental notes and pay attention to how these leaders gain respect and acknowledgement in the community. You can then use these skills later in your campaign.

Speak at local events and participate in local debates. You should use local events as an opportunity to practice your public speaking skills, even if they are not political gatherings. Try to be in the public eye as much as possible, especially for causes that you are passionate about. You should also participate in local debates as a representative for your community, as this will allow you to showcase your passion for change and your public speaking abilities.

Use social media to promote your ideas. Currently, having a strong social media presence is essential to maintaining a public persona. You should set up social media accounts for yourself that showcase your public self and use it on a consistent basis to connect to others. Your social media profiles should have professional photographs and you should maintain a persona that is appropriate for someone who may become an elected official one day.

Running For Office

Start small and then work your way up. Most successful politicians started at the local level and then worked their way up for the years to national positions at the federal level. If you are just entering politics, you should focus on building momentum as a local politician and then use this as a foundation to aim for higher positions. You may start by campaigning for a school or community board position, a position as mayor or a town council member, or a seat in the lower house of the state government.

Set up a political team. Even at the local level, you will need to set up a political team that will support you during your campaign. You may have a small team of individuals that you can rely on and then a small team of volunteers who can act as boots on the ground. Your team may consist of a campaign manager, a marketing manager, and a volunteer manager, or you may have one to two people splitting these roles. You may ask family and friends to fulfill these roles for your campaign, as you may not want to pay for outside help and you want individuals you can trust.

Outline your platform. To run an effective campaign, you will need to develop your political platform. Your platform should detail where you stand on key issues in your community and how you are going to fulfill the expectations of your elected role.

Create a marketing strategy. Effective communication is a major part of a successful campaign. You should sit down with the marketing person on your team and come up with a detailed marketing strategy. This will allow you to stay connected to your voters and help to promote your platform.

Solicit funding for your campaign. No matter how small your campaign may be, you will still need funding to run your campaign. These funds will help to pay for your marketing material, your campaign supplies, and any travel you need to do for the campaign.

Run an honest, motivated campaign. Remember that most political campaigns, even at the local level, can be challenging and require lots of hard work. You may end up working overtime to try to win the election and your volunteers may be working with you to get your platform out to as many voters as possible. Though you may be motivated to win, you should also try to run an honest campaign. Make campaign promises that you can keep and strive to work with your community to respond to their needs, rather than serve your own needs or wants. Running an honest, motivated campaign will likely increase your chances of success and your chances of remaining in office once you are elected



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