By Lola Fajemirokun

Traveling alone is for everyone and if you can, make time to travel by yourself at least once a year. Here are some reasons why you should go solo on at least one trip per year.

You get time to think:

Some me-time gives you an opportunity to think, clear your head and plan for the future.

No Debbie Downers:

Traveling solo means you do not have to put up with anyone that will put a huge damper on all your fun, adventurous ideas (and you probably have alot of those).

You will be doing yourself a disservice not to

When you are old and too weak to travel, chances are you will regret all the trips you did not take. Do not let the fact that you are a mum or a workaholic get in the way of you having some me-time.  Plan as best as you can and take that trip. Imagine someone asked you to come get a million dollars and the only condition is that you come alone.

Food, food and more food:

You will get to try all the foods YOU like as opposed to compromising on dinner every meal.

It’s cheaper:

This is self-explanatory.

Burning a candle at both ends is never good for anyone. Take time to go relax and have some fun.



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