How To Avoid Fighting With Your Spouse

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By Lola Fajemirokun

According to US New fighting with your spouse is bad for, not just for your marriage, it is also bad for your health. Here are 5 tips on how to avoid fighting with your spouse (and live forever…….)

Admit you are wrong: This does not necessarily mean you are weak. Even if your spouse is the type that will later use this admission against you, do it anyway. It will help you avoid conflict that could raise your stress level and negatively impact your happiness.

Accept your spouse for who they are: Chances are you can predict your spouse very accurately. So do not get upset over something you almost expect them to do – for example borrowing their irresponsible friend money.

Respect Privacy: If you are like me you probably believe that it should be your legal right to have your spouse’s phone password, social media passwords and all email passwords. Well unfortunately, this is not the case. You should realize that your spouse was a freethinking, and independent individual prior to meeting you and you have no right to take away this freedom. So give him or her space and respect their privacy. It really is none of your business what is on their phone or in their email.

Leave the past in the past: Past can only cause trouble for the future. Avoid bringing up past errors (or evil … as i like to call it) committed by your spouse. If you want to be forgiven, learn to forgive.

According to RelationshipsWork:

“You can turn conflict into connection by containing your defensiveness.”


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