Respect The Host!

Republican governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal once said “immigration without assimilation is an invasion” this majestically profound statement deludes many today. ( Majority of immigrants fail to respect or understand their host country hence the push back from core citizens to accommodate more immigrants. America is without a doubt a great country, but to be a part of this nation immigrants need to start respecting … Continue reading Respect The Host!

Pick a side and vote

Political activist Elie Wiesel once said “We must take sides…” America is a formidable force in the free world, it has served as a refuge to millions of people, the freedom of speech, life, religion and liberty (among other freedoms) granted to citizens and residents is unlike any other country in the world. America is the only country in the world where the only limitation … Continue reading Pick a side and vote


  There is no doubt that grief is a painful experience but we need to understand that life is a temporary experience. This past Monday morning as I was driving to work around 7am I saw a lady crying by a cross on the roadside, she tried to put flowers next to the cross planted in the grass. I came to the conclusion that she … Continue reading Grief

2016 U.S Presidential Election – There is a 3rd candidate, you have a choice

If you are overwhelmed by the fact that you have to choose between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race, know that you have an alternative – Gary Johnson. According to the Huffington Post both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have over 50% unfavorable ratings. Meaning both candidate if elected will be coming into office with less than 50% approval rating… good … Continue reading 2016 U.S Presidential Election – There is a 3rd candidate, you have a choice

Extreme “Makeuping”

Extreme makeuping is when a woman applies makeup to alter her true appearance beyond recognition. I was looking at before (makeup) and after (makeup) pictures of women on Facebook today and I was deeply worried. In fact the makeups were so dramatic that someone in the comment section accused the publisher of using pictures of two different people. Disclaimer: I am a woman, I love makeup and … Continue reading Extreme “Makeuping”

The Power Of Getting Out Of Debt

Debt seems unavoidable when you live in the United States but don’t just accept debt as a normal part of life, get out of debt. When you come to the United States, the roads are lined with almost all new cars, good looking houses, well dressed people and an overall seemingly elite ambiance – no wonder people think that money grows on trees in America. … Continue reading The Power Of Getting Out Of Debt

We the people have the solution – Nigeria

All Nigerians dream of the day when Nigeria will be a functional country that provides its citizens with higher standard of living and equal opportunities, but will that day ever come? Nigeria has a slew of problems but the bigger issue is that there seems to be no end in sight to these problems. There is nothing more disturbing than a seemingly nonchalant president with … Continue reading We the people have the solution – Nigeria