The Power Of Getting Out Of Debt

Debt seems unavoidable when you live in the United States but don’t just accept debt as a normal part of life, get out of debt. When you come to the United States, the roads are lined with almost all new cars, good looking houses, well dressed people and an overall seemingly elite ambiance – no wonder people think that money grows on trees in America. … Continue reading The Power Of Getting Out Of Debt

Innoson – making Nigeria great again

Although the thought of a car made in Nigeria scares me, I think Mr. Chukwuma the founder of Innoson group of companies is on to something great with Innoson automobiles. Nigerians need to recognize that the Innoson automotive brand is a renowned accomplishment that should not be shoved aside. There are some high points about the Innoson automobile brand and areas where they need to … Continue reading Innoson – making Nigeria great again