Respect The Host!

Republican governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal once said “immigration without assimilation is an invasion” this majestically profound statement deludes many today. ( Majority of immigrants fail to respect or understand their host country hence the push back from core citizens to accommodate more immigrants. America is without a doubt a great country, but to be a part of this nation immigrants need to start respecting … Continue reading Respect The Host!


  There is no doubt that grief is a painful experience but we need to understand that life is a temporary experience. This past Monday morning as I was driving to work around 7am I saw a lady crying by a cross on the roadside, she tried to put flowers next to the cross planted in the grass. I came to the conclusion that she … Continue reading Grief

Extreme “Makeuping”

Extreme makeuping is when a woman applies makeup to alter her true appearance beyond recognition. I was looking at before (makeup) and after (makeup) pictures of women on Facebook today and I was deeply worried. In fact the makeups were so dramatic that someone in the comment section accused the publisher of using pictures of two different people. Disclaimer: I am a woman, I love makeup and … Continue reading Extreme “Makeuping”

We the people have the solution – Nigeria

All Nigerians dream of the day when Nigeria will be a functional country that provides its citizens with higher standard of living and equal opportunities, but will that day ever come? Nigeria has a slew of problems but the bigger issue is that there seems to be no end in sight to these problems. There is nothing more disturbing than a seemingly nonchalant president with … Continue reading We the people have the solution – Nigeria