Christianity, A Brief Summary

The most logical way to go about understanding the meaning of Christianity is to read the bible. However, since the bible is a huge compilation of books reading the entire bible may not be a feasible option for someone just looking for an overview. There is a lot of information on religion however this article explains Christianity in three simple sections. Our Belief: We believe … Continue reading Christianity, A Brief Summary

We need a break from “Churching”

Most Christians have abandoned the fact that God has a purpose for their lives and have joined the church wagon, spending a good portion of their time volunteering in church. I define “churching” as when an individual spends more than 50% of their time in church or doing church related work. God created everybody for a specific purpose. He called certain pastors to start a … Continue reading We need a break from “Churching”

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Tithe, a gravy train?

Zimbabwean Pastor Uebert Angel recently bought his wife a $400,000 Lamborghini for Valentine’s Day and outrage flooded the internet. People crying foul and crediting his source of income to church tithe and donations. Are tithe contributions a gravy train for pastors in ministry? Malachi 3: 10-12 popularly known as the tithe verse is the ever sure weapon pastors whip out when it’s contribution time in church. … Continue reading Tithe, a gravy train?