Christianity, A Brief Summary

The most logical way to go about understanding the meaning of Christianity is to read the bible. However, since the bible is a huge compilation of books reading the entire bible may not be a feasible option for someone just looking for an overview. There is a lot of information on religion however this article explains Christianity in three simple sections. Our Belief: We believe … Continue reading Christianity, A Brief Summary

Innoson – making Nigeria great again

Although the thought of a car made in Nigeria scares me, I think Mr. Chukwuma the founder of Innoson group of companies is on to something great with Innoson automobiles. Nigerians need to recognize that the Innoson automotive brand is a renowned accomplishment that should not be shoved aside. There are some high points about the Innoson automobile brand and areas where they need to … Continue reading Innoson – making Nigeria great again

We need a break from “Churching”

Most Christians have abandoned the fact that God has a purpose for their lives and have joined the church wagon, spending a good portion of their time volunteering in church. I define “churching” as when an individual spends more than 50% of their time in church or doing church related work. God created everybody for a specific purpose. He called certain pastors to start a … Continue reading We need a break from “Churching”

President Trump the only hope for Nigeria

Delta, ARIK and Continental will make money hand over feast trying to get Nigerians home after Donald Trump wins the presidential election. As we stay glued to media outlets waiting patiently to see who the potential presidential nominees from the republican and democratic parties will be all I can think of is the deplorable state of things in Nigeria. As Americans enjoy the leisure of … Continue reading President Trump the only hope for Nigeria

Train or unarm the lethal Nigerian Police

Nigerian police officers are the most lethal elements walking the streets of Nigeria, the infamous armed robbery gangs come in a close second. They kill scores every year, without being persecuted and opening fire at will, mostly without provocation (here is a mild example). Most areas in Nigeria are dangerous but an armed police officer on the streets of Nigeria does little to nothing to … Continue reading Train or unarm the lethal Nigerian Police

Career Growth – High Performance vs. Potential

Most people work hard to get promoted but the reality is that your current performance does not necessarily earn you a promotion. The question “where do you see yourself five years from now?” is all so familiar to people in the corporate world. The more important question, however, is where does your employer see you five years from now? An employee looking for career advancement … Continue reading Career Growth – High Performance vs. Potential

Two halves don’t make a whole

Saying two halves don’t make a whole sounds counter intuitive but it is the reality in marriage. Every single man and lady is looking for that better halve that completes them, however if you are a self-professed “half” looking for another “half” your marriage will be a train wreck waiting to happen. Marriage, which is a lifelong commitment needs to be entered into with judicious … Continue reading Two halves don’t make a whole

Nobody likes to be ignored Mr. Nigerian President

The vigor with which APC campaigned for elections in 2015, made it seem like improvement to the ailing Nigerian economy will take place the minute their candidates stepped into office. Before and during the campaigns, APC was vocal and in front of every issue facing Nigeria. They were quick to comment publicly on current issues and they were never shy about telling President Jonathan and … Continue reading Nobody likes to be ignored Mr. Nigerian President

Supreme Court Justices – Epitome of Power

US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia passed away this past weekend and Democrats and Republicans are at war on whether or not his seat should be filled or left vacant until the next president takes office. US presidential candidates obviously know the gravity of the selection of a Supreme Court justice. The Supreme Court has decided on cases that have changed the history, some more … Continue reading Supreme Court Justices – Epitome of Power